Wissahickon Student Council


Web Design, Brand Identity & Art Direction



The Wissahickon High School Student Council is a student organization that focuses on addressing the needs and concerns of the school community. We helped redefine school spirit at Wissahickon High School by refreshing the brand's artistic direction, designing a brandmark that emphasizes growth, and by developing a digital platform that encourages student engagement in extracurricular activities.

Our Process

When approached by Wissahickon Student Council to increase school spirit, we started with a ground-up, student-centered approach. Embracing the club's mission of providing a positive and meaningful school experience, we developed a dynamic website with vibrant illustrations to match. The new design is centered around communication and diversity, reinforced by a bright color palette and rounded typography.

Making an Impact

To further instill the spirit of a unified school, we also developed a bar code and scanner platform that could catalog student participation in school events. This system was then transformed into a school-wide spirit initiative that rewarded grade-level teams based on total attendance points.

A year after launch, faculty recorded a notable rise in school spirit among the entire student population. Proxima Creative is proud to be part of the school's success.

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