Locks Only


Web Design & Brand Identity



Locks Only is a sport handicapping service based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Their unprecedented growth in the 2019-20 season called for the development of an online retail store to provide their clients with on-demand access to daily sports insight. Our creative team at Proxima Creative worked side by side with Locks Only to deliver a website and brandmark that emphasized their commitment to research, results, and transparency.

Our Process

We partnered with Locks Only to enable them to achieve their vision in the digital age: help clients improve their returns by providing affordable, high-value sports data. To reflect this mission in a revamped logo and website, we engaged in in-depth brand discovery meetings with the Locks Only team and researched competitive firms. Through this process, we were able to identify areas of the Locks Only brand that needed reinforcement such as brand differentiation and image.

Inspired Designs

The Locks Only logo is bold, simple, and memorable. It is based on the Monument typeface and sheared right by 10 degrees, evocative of the brand's winning reputation. The color palette takes advantage of rich gold accents paired with a pure white and deep black. This distinctive visual identity conveys the sense of professionalism and reliability found at the heart of the Locks Only brand.

Purposeful Web Experience

Our vision for the Locks Only website optimized UX from top to bottom. The sleek, elegant simplicity of the visual identity allowed our creative team to develop a layout that engenders trust, addressing concerns over credibility for new customers. Paired with a clean and engaging interface, the Locks Only website allows users to easily navigate from homepage to shopping cart.

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