Locks Only


Web Design & Brand Identity


Sports Handicapping

Locks Only is a premier sport handicapping service based in Blue Bell, PA. Their unprecedented growth in the 2019-20 season called for the development of an online retail store to provide their clients with on-demand access to daily picks. Our creative team at Proxima Creative worked side by side with Locks Only to deliver a website and logo that emphasized their processes, results, and commitment to transparency.

To bring alive the Locks Only brand, we revamped the company's image from the ground up. We chose the persona of the brand to be inviting yet professional - a trait we represented in the redesigned Locks Only brandmark. This utilized a teal, gold, and black color palette matched with the bold Sussie Int'l typeface. Consistent with the Locks Only visual identity, we developed an innovative, user-friendly web store. With the help of Proxima Creative, Locks Only can make a clear statement that it will continue to be the leading firm in sports handicapping.

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