Educators 4 Eleuthera


Brand Identity



Educators 4 Eleuthera is a not for profit from West Chester University operating a free camp on the Bahamian island Eleuthera. We crafted an identity aligned with their purpose, vision, and ambitions – enabling them to better focus on inspiring students through literacy programs.

Our Process

Proxima Creative collaborated with the West Chester University non-profit Educators 4 Eleuthera. Our job was to create an innovative brand identity that would effectively convey the organization's dedication to improving the literacy of adolescence on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera.

The new logo was designed to inspire and convey friendliness. We used the colors of the Bahamian flag and the staple fruit of Eleuthera - the pineapple - as source material for the brandmark. The leaves were specifically shaped to resemble an open book; a subtle nod to the organization's purpose.

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