What We Do

We believe that in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is essential to create memorable consumer experiences and visionary products that are worth sharing. Our process of innovation all starts with an idea; and, we’re full of them.

At Proxima Creative, there is no limit to creativity. By constantly evolving with consumer trends, we have become disruptive players in digital and print experiences. We pursue big ideas, but we still focus on the details. Our interests build the groundbreaking and move businesses forward.

The solution to branding isn’t brute force - it’s making things novel.

    Our Services
  • 1. Digital Experiences

    We build websites that are intuitively immersive and elegantly designed. Our innovative uses of technology eliminate the barriers that separate clients from brands.

    • UI/UX Design
    • Website Development
    • WordPress CMS
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Hosting & Maintenance
  • 2. Brand Identity

    Whether a blank canvas or an established business, we unearth the uniqueness behind brands and create an identity that matches.

    • Logo Design
    • Content Creation
  • 3. Product Design

    From sketching to prototyping to printing, our designs are made to have a great impact. We concept and design products that redefine what your brand can be and should be.

    • Print Materials
    • Art Direction
  • 4. Marketing

    We combine communication with innovation to create persuasive messages that tell stories and connect with audiences. Our dynamic approach to advertising propels brands into the limelight and builds influence.

    • Campaigns
    • Social Media
    • Photography & Film Productions

See Who We've Transformed

We identify, design, and build products that make a positive impact on the world. Our work combines communication with innovation to create the companies of tomorrow.